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This is me, Australia Day Long weekend 2020 ending the day with a casual stand up paddleboard, not a worry in the world and not a single clue about what was to come!  This was 27th January 2020, 2 days after the first positive COVID-19 case was confirmed in Australia. 

I started my career as a travel agent in 2000, working over 2 states and 3 brands with FCTG (Flight Centre Travel Group) most recently in their newly acquired mobile arm Travel Partners.  Working from home and being your own boss has its perks but probably like many, I felt there was a void in my work and I wanted to help make a difference, do some good in the world and also expand my knowledge.  In early March I enrolled in an 8-week online business training course, by the end of March the sh*t had completely hit the fan in the travel industry. 

Cancelling holiday plans is not only soul destroying, it also actually takes longer than booking a holiday to start with so the first few weeks were manic, but as the skies went quiet, so did my workload which I saw as a positive to dive headfirst into my new business course and smash it out.  By this stage I had come up with a name “Club Footprint” and the concept was one I was very comfortable with. 

Australia is blessed with such talented individuals, we are all becoming more aware of our environmental footprint, we like to support small business over big corporations and we love feeling like we have made a small difference by making a positive purchase.  There are some amazing small businesses doing extraordinary things but how many do we actually know about?  I did a lot of research to find so many of these companies were selling their products through a bigger more well-known company who were taking a massive piece of the profit pie!  How could I get these sales directed back to the individual company whilst passing on a portion of this profit cut to the customer as their reward?  This is how “Club Footprint” came to life!

* Create a website bringing as many sustainability conscious suppliers as possible together onto the one site to make it easier for the consumer to see and discover all the innovative eco-friendly products available. 

* Direct sales back to the company with easy links from the Club Footprint website onto the supplier’s individual websites. 

* Offer members exclusive deals and discounts for directly supporting these amazing companies.  

WIN-WIN & WIN right!   

Up until this point in time I was that person who if something wasn’t working in the office I would turn it off and then turn it back on again and if that didn’t work I would be straight on the phone to the IT department  (we all know someone like that right)  so the whole concept of creating and building a website from scratch was a tad overwhelming, I mean, I had to google what a domain was!  Well COVID to the rescue again and with a nationwide lockdown there was plenty of opportunity to enter what is now affectionately called the “time vortex” of web creation. 

We now have over 60 amazing companies on board with Club Footprint all offering exclusive member only offers and discounts.  Our membership prices start from just $1 per week and the aim of the game at the moment is to just cover expenses but hopefully you love the concept as much as I do and tell ALL of your friends and family about it because the long term vision is to start an annual grant program to help emerging eco-friendly businesses get off the ground.  If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!

Thank you so much for your time and for supporting Club Footprint.  If you would like to find out more about our membership options, please click the link below.

 "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." - Robert Swan.